The Best Bagels in Kansas City

Apr 20, 2016 |

Making The List  —

I am a keeper of lists: movies to see, books to read, things to do, stuff to buy, places to go … you get the picture. So I got the idea to add a list to the Seasonal Muse called Gotta Go!  It’s the kind of list I would share with good friends; interesting discoveries, awesome adventures, found treasures, and worthwhile destinations.  It’s the “food for thought” that creatively inspires me both in and out of the kitchen.

The Best Bagels in KC

People are so inspiring, especially people who step-up to the plate, take risks, and start something new.  That’s the story of Janna and Pete Linde, the proprietors of Meshuggah Bagel, Kansas City’s newest bagel nirvana destination, that recently opened at 1208 W. 39th Street. Employees wear shirts proclaiming Meshuggah Bagels is bringing New York to Kansas City one bagel at a time. A welcome and overdue addition to the vibrant Kansas City food scene, filling the gaping bagel hole (pun intended) that was left when Bagel & Bagel closed their doors.

Why You Gotta Go: Top 4 Reasons

1. Because The Bagels Are “crazy” Good

Meshuggah is the Yidish word for crazy — a perfect description of the dance your taste buds will do when you take your first bite!  Try the Smoked Whitefish Salad, a savory combination of smoke and salt that’s hard to find outside the Bronx. Believe me you’ll be back for more. If you’re more of a schmear traditionalist, don’t worry, they’ve got you covered!

New York Style Bagels - gotta Go! : Meshuggah Bagels -KC |

2. Because You Don’t Have To Buy a Plane Ticket

You can have an authentic New York City experience without ever leaving Kansas City. Then, when you do go to the Big Apple, you won’t have to fill your suitcase with Bagels to stash in your freezer!  Go early on the weekends, because the line is known to snake out the door and down the sidewalk.

New York Style Bagels - gotta Go! : Meshuggah Bagels -KC |

3. Because Owners Janna & Pete Are Ridiculously Cute

And they’re an inspiring example of finding meaning and purpose once you leave corporate America.  Pete was a mechanical engineer for Ford and Janna spent a decade working as a district sales manager for Del Monte. The smiles on their face say it all — they are hands-on owners and Mushuggah Bagels is clearly a labor of love.

New York Style Bagels - gotta Go! : Meshuggah Bagels -KC |

4. Because These Bagels are Just Waiting to be Dressed

A schmear is to the bagel as a fine handbag is to the lady. Frankly, they’re just too good to go undressed. When I finally got my stash home, they inspired me to get into the kitchen and create a couple of my own schmears.  I couldn’t decide if I preferred savory or sweet so I experimented and made one of each: a garlicky roasted tomato butter and a fresh strawberry butter with a touch of sweetness. Try both recipes and decide for yourself.



Meshuggah Bagels
1208 W. 39th St.
Kansas City, MO 64111

Make it Savory

Roasted Tomato Butter

Delicious, roasted tomato flavor accompanied by garlic, thyme, and touch of parmesan. A perfect topping for a bagel, but great on pasta  too!

Make it Sweet

Fresh Strawberry Butter

This heavenly spread with just a hint of sweetness, paires perfectly with bagels, biscuits or scones.  Easy recipe with 4 ingredients.

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